• Vintage Altar Offering Dish with Magical Supplies


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    These stunning crescent shaped offering dishes are actually vintage bone china dishes. They were prominent in the Victorian era to curve to your plate. The bones from fish were put into these classy dishes. We happen to think they would make amazing offering plates for your altar or spiritual space! 

    Included in each dish is as follows:

    *Two Lavender Sprigs- Dreams, good luck, protection, attraction and glamour.

    *Seven Native American Glass Gem Corn- Popular offering in fall/harvest festivals. It also represent sun and fire. You can use them in luck, prosperity and money spells.

    *Three Pink Rose Buds- Use in love, luck, romance and sexual attraction.

    *Dash of Red Rose Petals- Added charm against the evil eye. Use in spells dealing with love, luck, romance and sexual attraction.

    *One Amethyst Crystal- Remember to charge before use! It is a natural stress reliever, helps against addiction, brings protection, spiritual growth and rids your home and body of negative energy while attracting positive energy.

    *One Selenite Stick- Unblock stagnant energy and removes negative energy. It also magnifies whichever gem it is placed upon.

    *Small Bottle of Full Moon Water- Use as Holy Water subsitute, also can be used to charge crystals.