• Pentacle Tree Bark Wooden Box 9 x 6 x 5"H


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    This Pentacle Tree Bark Wooden Box measures 9 x 6 x 5"H. This was not made by us, it was outsourced. It has great quality. The items in the box you can purchase with the box for a total of $60.00 plus tax (if applicable). That price includes:

    Small sage bundle

    Cowrie shell

    Mini Besom-Made by Sims Homestead

    1/2 oz Proctor's Ledge dirt-Gathered by Sims Homestead

    3 Dropper vials of Full Moon Water-Harvested by Sims Homestead

    5 Palo Santo sticks

    2 Tealight candles

    Labradorite stone

    Rose Quartz Stone 

    Organic hen feather-Running Bug Farm

    Mini pentacle altar cloth-Made by Sims Homestead

    Enemy Be Gone candle fixing blend- Made by The Vodou Store

     This box can be bought alone for $30 or with all the contents you see in the pictures for $60.