Beltane Fire Festival Ticket

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Beltane Fire Festival

May 5th 2018


6749 North Manlius Road

Kirkville NY 13082

** With Specials Guests**

***The Vodou Store***

***The admission price is $10 per person*** Workshops, Food, Celebrations, & Fun! Come celebrate the abundance of the Earth and fertility here at Sims Homestead. We will be having a bonfire, light snacks, activities for kids, and of course a general celebration of the Beltane festivities! This is a kid friendly event!! It is a completely outdoor event, so dress accordingly. There will be a porta-potty onsite for a restroom. You can park in the lawn, you will see when you get here where to go. We will be putting up "Caution" tape as boundaries where people are not allowed to wonder off into, please respect those lines! Keep an eye on your children at all times please. This event is pretty exciting! We know that you will leave this festival feeling refreshed and having an extremely positive flow of energy. We cannot wait!!

Event Schedule

3:30pm~Three Witches Workshop-½ hr - 45 mins.

4:30pm~Crystal Workshop-½  hr- 45 mins.

5:30pm~Poppet 101-½  hr- 45 mins.

7:00pm ~The Vodou Store presents Witch Bottles -½ hr- 45 mins.

8:00pm~Fire Lighting/ Three Witches Beltane Blessing

Activities: (provided by Sims Homestead)

-Rock Painting

-Mask Making

-Planting Station for all (You take home a planted seed)

There will be readers at this event, so book now in advance!!

Food and Refreshments

No Alcohol

Kid Friendly

***Available For Presale***

-Presale Witch Bottle Kits provided by The Vodou Store-$25 (These are not requiered to watch the workshop, these are for if you would like to make your own while in the workshop)

-Presale Reading Booking (You Choose Reader)- $30

You can Find these under Events as well!! Make sure you gets yours today!

Do Not Duplicate Tickets

You will receive a confirmation email the day before the event-You will need your ticket number included in the email.