Who We Are  


    Sims Homestead is made up of two driven, creative individuals. I, Julie Sims, and my husband, Mike Sims, work together and separately, to make useful creations for everyone to enjoy. We love making homemade projects that can help people in one way or another. Each creation is carefully thought out with our customers in mind. Not only do we make handcrafted treasures, we are also working toward building our own family farm where people from all over can come to shop. Almost like a general store, we would offer fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, plus all of our crafts. We have three children, four including our cat Bradley. Our oldest is our daughter, beautiful Miss Kayla. She even makes things on here under Kayla's Kreations. Our middle child is our handsome Liam and our littlest is our angel face Madilyn.
    We care deeply about both of these aspects, farming and handcrafted treasures. We want to have a farm that has the healthiest of options including heirloom produce. We want the healthiest of animals as well. We will be venturing into chickens and goats to start, then go from there. Our main thing is self sustainability. We want to make sure everyone around us can have healthy options for their family. Our goal with this shop is to raise enough money to start our dreams of our own farm.
    We do accept donations. You can make a donation of any increment through Paypal to Sims_Homestead@yahoo.com.

If you have something in mind you think we would be up for making, please ask! If we can't, we will be completely up front about it.
Also, if there is something on the shop site you cannot afford monetarily, but have something useful to barter, please contact us. Thanks!

Please check back frequently to check for new, unique, one of a kind items assembled right here in the amazing United States of America. Our passion is bringing beauty into this world one product at a time.
If you have any questions for either Julie or Mike, please hit the “Contact Us" link.
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